Jumping Frogs, Chubby Hogs, and Corndogs! 



July 25-29, 2018 

Vendor Information

Indoor Vendors

Outdoor Vendors

The Midway is divided into zones. Midway Layout. click here .Call for availablity if this is the first time attending our fair.

See Midway information sheet for specifics or call.


All four of these forms listed below along with space fee, security deposit, proof of liability insurance and food license must be returned to reserve your space.  

  1. Midway Vendor Contract Please download here.
  2. Additions and changes all vendors should read, print, sign. download
  3. Midway Vendor information sheet . Please download here.
  4. Wisconsin Temporary Events form. 
    Form s-240f.   click here  

Wisconsin Publication 228, Temporary Events.    This publication should be reviewed. 



There are two locations: Commercial Building and Multi-Purpose Bldg.

Commercial Bldg click for layout has approximately 33 vendors plus one food vendor inside.

Multi-Purpose Bldg click for layout has approximately 15 vendors, 10 county organizations, 4-H exhibits, one staging area, and one food vendor inside.

Both bldgs have the same guidelines.

Open daily at 11am until 10pm. Except on Wednesday, opening time is 5pm, and Sunday, closing time is 6pm. Booths must be open during these hours and be visually presentable. They do not have to be manned. Please remember to secure items, you are displaying your merchandise at your own risk. Buildings are securely locked from 10pm - 10am each day.

Booths are 10 deep and 10 wide. Cost is $150 for all five days. No tables or chairs are provided.

Each booth will place a $50 secuirty deposit check.  .Deposit will be available to pick up at the fair office after the close of fair on Sunday between 6 and 7pm.  If not picked up it will be destroyed.  Any early tear downs, before 6pm on Sunday, results in the security deposit be forfeited.

Electrical is $15.00 extra per plug in.

Proof of Liability Insurance must be provided. 1 million dollars of minimum coverage. Proof of Insurance declaration page must list "Langlade County Fair" as additionally insured along with the fair dates. This form must be on file prior to any set up of your booth.

State sales number must also be provided. Along with the form listed below.

You may not solicit outside of your booth, have any live animals housed in or for sale, all brochures must be secure from wind, raffle drawings are allowed if you have the proper raffle license.

We do have limited vendor camping.

Please read the Vendor Contract and additions and changes for a complete list of rules and guidelines.

Forms/information to reserve Indoor Vendor Booths

All four of these forms listed below along with booth fee, security deposit, and proof of liability insurance must be returned to reserve your space. 

  1. Additions and changes:  Vendors should read, print, sign. download
  2. Indoor Vendor Information & Fee. Please download here.
  3. Indoor Vendor Contract. Please download here.
  4. Wisconsin Temporary Events form. form s-240f  see information below for clarification 
    Wisconsin Temporary Events Publication 228.  click here  


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